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America has the highest drug death rate in the world … increasing yearly.

STOP STIGMA NOW (SSN) was established to change prevailing attitudes towards people suffering from substance use disorders, which are preventing them from entering into and remaining in treatment.

While many treatments for substance use disorder exist, (i.e., Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), In-Patient Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Communities, Outpatient Counseling,) opioid addiction has been traditionally difficult to treat. The relapse rate for opioid addiction is over 80%. Unfortunately, the most effective treatment has been misunderstood and criticized as substituting one addiction for another, and has become a barrier to the precise treatment that has been scientifically proven to be life saving. Medications like methadone & buprenorphine block the craving for opioids and suppress opioid withdrawal thus enabling the addict to return to a normal life.

The most successful approach to date has been medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction.

All treatments should be respected. However, for those people addicted to opioids especially for long periods of time, non-medication approaches to treatment, whether it be abstinence, or detox, or in or out-patients, fall short of the effectiveness of medication assisted treatment … putting the opioid addicted person into a dangerous situation which can result in overdose and possible death.

SSN exists to inform the general public, the court systems, public officials, medical, nursing and counseling professions. and the media about the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting the success of medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction.

We want to stop the stigma and prejudice directed at both the treatment and the patients.

By eradicating stigma, you save and rebuild lives. It’s as simple as that!

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