• Involuntary Addiction Treatment: A Dangerous Idea
• Stigmatizing Imagery in Publications
• Barriers to Buprenorphine Treatment Among People of Color

• Fentanyl complicates treatment of opioid use disorder
• Rhetoric against methadone treatment
• NIDA director calls for broad deregulation of methadone treatment 

• Study: Sufferers of OUD don’t receive proper evidence-based treatment 
• Despite overdose deaths, few Americans addicted to opioids getting help
• What to know about Medicare Part B and coverage of opioid use disorder 

• Take a look at our supporters in the fight for Medication Treatment for Opioid Addiction.
• White House Releases Drug Control Strategy
• The Methadone Manifesto

• New Mobile Methadone Rules
• U.S. Faces the Worst Naloxone Shortage
• Practice Guidelines for the Administration of Buprenorphine

Woman recovering from opioid addiction sues to get methadone treatment in jail
• Language Matters: It Is Time We Change How We Talk About Addiction
HHS Expands Access to Treatment for Opioid Use


• Study Tests A Model Intervention To Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths 
• Online Suboxone Doctors Make It Possible For Delivery To Home-Recovery Patients
• MAT During The Pandemic


• How stigma kills
• Addiction as a public health problem
• Fake heroin 

• MAT in the news 
• Massachusetts: Expanding and ensuring access to care
• MAT center fights stigma, shame and rising overdoses in South Philly

• New momentum for addiction treatment behind bars
• An opioid crisis foretold
• Monthly Buprenorphine Injections Effective for Opioid Use Disorders

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