Estimates are that there will be over 60,000 opiate overdose deaths in 2017

The abuse of opiate addiction has caused great suffering, vulnerability to life-threatening illness such as Hepatitis, AIDS and death from overdose. Many substances cause problems, however Opiate Addiction has been traditionally difficult to treat.

By blaming and stigmatizing people with addiction problems, we discourage people from entering treatment, deny them access to life saving medications and encourage patients to leave treatment prematurely.

Stop Stigma Now (SSN) was established by experts in the field of addiction treatment to change prevailing attitudes towards people suffering from substance use disorders. These negative attitudes prevent people from entering treatment.

There are many successful treatments available:

Medication Assisted Treatment
In-patient Rehabilitation
Therapeutic Communities
Out-patient Counseling

All treatments should be respected. However, for those people addicted to opiates especially for long periods of time, all of those non-medication approaches to treatment, whether they be abstinence, or detox, or in or out-patients, fall short of the effectiveness of medications. Not only do they fall short of success, they lead the opiate addicted person into a highly dangerous moment that often leads to overdose and possible death.

Thus, SSN exists to inform the general public, the court systems and the medical, nursing and counseling professions about the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting Medication Assisted Treatment for opiate addiction.

We want to stop the stigma and prejudice directed at both the treatment and the patients. By eradicating stigma, you save and rebuild lives. It’s as simple as that!

Stop Stigma Now is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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I still had very low self-esteem . . . because of my perception all my life that I was different and something was wrong. It took another event for me to see myself as doing something with my life…



About Us

Stop Stigma Now wants to eradicate the stigma around medically assisted treatment of opioid addiction. We want everyone taking methadone (or similar medications) and their family members to feel proud of what they have accomplished in finding the strength and courage to overcome an addiction to opiates.

To this end we will aggressively and publicly confront unfounded, erroneous information regarding medically assisted addiction treatment whenever it appears in newspapers, magazines or professional journals.

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